A brief history of Sartorio Napoli…

Sartorio Napoli is a boutique menswear label from Italy previously owned by Cesare Attolini, now manufactured by Kiton.

Combining classic tailoring with a bohemian edge, the eponymous label’s designer says “I make a point every day to put together complete looks that are both fashionable, and classic. I love a mixture of old school and fashion, trying to keep a vibe that is young, sexy, and fresh – appropriate for where and what I am doing. I usually lean toward being a bit more dressed up – elegant, without being overly formal. I also like to challenge staid ideas regarding menswear, pushing the boundaries a bit beyond what is traditionally considered “masculine.”Self-awareness is clarity and power. And this is when feeling at ease with ourselves elevates us into the “Philosophy of the Sartorio.”

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