A brief introduction to Marco Pescarolo…

Traditional tailoring has its historical location in the territory of Naples – creativity, taste, craftsmanship and unsurpassed technique have been developed here for over a century. It is in this unique conext that the Neapolitan entrepreneur Marco Pescarolo gives life to its brand, now creating garments distributed in the most prestigious and exclusive multi-brand boutiques and department stores worldwide. The elegance suggested by the fashion house Marco Pescarolo fits every occasion. Based on the appeal of the precious details and expert selection of materials, the brand is characterized by its uniqueness representing the mindset of the “su misura” (besposke tailoring). The italian touch is a must: all the raw materials, the accessories and the production are Made in Italy. This is how Neapolitan taste and craftmenship give life to Marco Pescarolo Style.

The maison starts the business in 1999 thanks to Marco Pescarolo’s passion for the male garments. With strong enterpreneurial attitude and supported by the experience of his wife Anna De Matteis, who comes from a fabric-makers family, Marco Pescarolo turns his passion into a proper company. The personal lives of the two co-founders have been crucial in the creation of the company: Marco started in the world of typography and paper – Anna was raised among scraps of fabrics, coming from a fabric-maker family.The “su misura” mindset (bespoke tailoring) of Anna De Matteis, developed thanks to the environment she was raised in, has certainly influenced the appearance of the brand. The selection of colors and patterns is managedby Marco Pescarolo himslef – a legacy of his previous experiences in selecting fine papers for typography. Shades, designs and fine yarns are selected exclusively on the advice of the couple, in order to constantly improve the unique style of the Neapolitan maison. After an initial phase of distribution limited to Europe, the company’s turning point occurs with the opening to the Japanese market. Marco Pescarolo’s trouser, icon of elegance, class, creativity and uniqueness, has found further confirmation in Russia, the US and China.

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