A brief history of Tie Your Tie…

From the 1960’s to the early 80’s, working as an agent for some world-famous brands, Franco Minucci established the essential aesthetic of “TIE YOUR TIE”. It came to fulfilment with the opening of his own gentleman’s shop, which deals only in the highest quality merchandise, in the historic area of Centro Storico, Florence, on 5th July 1984.

Minucci pursues the beauty of chic and simplicity with great energy and enthusiasm. No details are compromised. “TIE YOUR TIE” carries only the highest quality items selected by the founder Franco Minucci, after the minutest examination. And of course, you cannot think of “TIE YOUR TIE” without “Sette Pieghe” which are the original seven fold ties. Having received inspiration from the archives of European designs and colours from the mid 1800’s, and adapting them to the contemporary times, the ties are made by hand with cloth provided by world famous suppliers. The “Sette Pieghe” ties were a great success at their release. It did not take long before the name of “TIE YOUR TIE” brand became well-known, not only in Italy but throughout the world.

“TIE YOUR TIE” = “Establish your style”

“My ideas have never dried up. It has been thirty years since I started my enterprise with great eagerness. I am trying to pass them on to the younger generation.

Franco Minucci

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